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The short-cut keys can be used to carry out various functions without using the mouse. The main functions are for moving around, editing and selecting:


移动键 Description描述
Esc Cancel operation by closing open window. 关闭打开的窗口而退出操作
Backspace Delete preceding character by moving cursor backwards. 向后移动光标删除前一个汉字
Delete Delete subsequent characters. 删除下一个汉字
PgUp Scroll up one screen page. 上拉页面
PgDown Scroll down one screen page. 下拉页面
Right Arrow Scroll towards right. 右拉页面
Left Arrow Scroll towards left. 左拉页面
Up Arrow Scroll up. 上拉
Down Arrow Scroll down. 下拉
Home Scroll to beginning of row. 拉到行初
End Scroll to end of row. 拉到行尾
Ctrl+Home Scroll to top-left angle of table. 拉到表格左上角
Ctrl+End Scroll to bottom-right angle of table. 拉到表格右下角
Ctrl+Down Scroll to end of table. 拉到表格末尾
Ctrl+Up Scroll to top of table. 拉到表头
Enter Advance one cell, confirming keyed-in text. 确认键入文本内容
Ctrl+F4 Close active window. 关闭窗口
Alt+F4 Exit program. 退出程序
Tab Has the same function as Enter but only when the window for editing has not been opened (Shift+F2). 和Enter功能一样,但是只在编辑窗口没有被打开的情况下(Shift+F2)


移动键 Description描述
Shift+Tab  Return to previous cell, confirming keyed-in text. 返回上一个单元格,确认键入文本
Ctrl+Tab Go from one window to another according to their order 根据顺序从一个窗口到另外一个窗口
Ctrl+F6  Next window. 下一个窗口
Ctrl+PgDown Next table. 下一个表格
Ctrl+PgUp  Previous table. 前一个表格
Alt+PgDown  Next view. 下一个视图
Alt+PgUp  Previous view. 前一个视图
F3  Find next command in Data menu. 在数据菜单找到下一个命令
Shift+F3  Find command in Data menu. 在数据菜单内找命令
F5  Scroll to desired row by keying in row number in active window.
Shift+F5  Go to original row command on Data menu. 回到最初的数据菜单行命令


编辑键 Description 描述
Ctrl+Enter Add row below position of cursor.在光标位置之下添加一行。
Ctrl+Ins Copy selected text.复制选择的文本
Shift+Ins Paste copied text in selected cell.将复制的文本粘贴到选定的单元格
Ctrl+Delete Delete content of selected cells.删除选定的单元格的内容
F2 Edit content of cell.编辑单元格内容
Shift+F2 Open window to enter longer texts.打开窗口键入更长的文本
F4 Copy previous cell from same column.从相同列拷贝前一个单元格
Shift+F4 Copy previous cell and advance.拷贝前一个和后一个单元格
F6 This key executes different functions depending on the column the user is working on. The functions are explained in the information window. 该键可以执行不同的功能,决定于用户所工作的列。所有的功能的解释在信息窗口。
Shift+F6 Add row and copy transaction from previous row. 增加行并拷贝前一个交易
F9 Perform simple recheck. 执行简单重新检查
Shift+F9 Perform global recheck. 执行全部重新检查


选择键 Description 描述
Shift+PgUp Select column moving upwards, page by page. 按页选择列向上移动
Shift+PgDown Select column moving downwards, page by page. 按页选择列向下移动
Shift+Right Select row to right. 选择右边行
Shift+Left Select row to left. 选择左边行
Shift+Up Select upper column. 选择上一列
Shift+Down Select lower column. 选择下一列
Shift+ Home Select back to start of row. 向后选择开始行
Shift+End Select forward to end of row. 向前选择结束行
Shift+Ctrl+ Home Select back to top of table. 向后选择表头
Shift+Ctrl+ End Select forward to end of table. 向前选择表尾
Ctrl+Space Select entire column. 选择整列
Shift+Space Select entire row. 选择整行
Ctrl+Space and Shift+Space Select entire table. 选择整个表格

其他键 Description 描述
Ctrl+N New file. 新文件
Ctrl+S Save. 保存
Ctrl+O Open. 打开
Ctrl+P Print. 打印
Ctrl+Z Undo operation. 撤销操作
Ctrl+Y Redo operation. 重复操作
Ctrl+Delete Delete text from the cursor point to the end of the cell. 删除从光标点到单元格末的文本